Court orders “Prairie Home Companion” fan to leave host Garrison Keillor alone

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A Minnesota court issued a restraining order against a Georgia woman who sent weird gifts and correspondence to Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor, according to the Pioneer-Press. The episode began when Andrea Campbell, 45, met Keillor after a Prairie Home Companion performance in Georgia this spring. Campbell then sent him “disturbing” e-mails and letters, one of which “graphically described making love to me,” Keillor wrote in a petition requesting the order. Early one summer morning, she turned up outside his family home in St. Paul. “I believe that without a harassment restraining order, [Campbell] will continue to contact and harass me both at work and home, and that [her] behavior could potentially escalate to physical confrontation, violent behavior, or public disturbances with the intent of disrupting the radio show,” Keillor wrote.

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