Variety on THE WAR scheduling

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PBS should have thought more about courting viewers age 18-49 (“the demo”) when it scheduled The War, argues an August 9 article in Variety. Writes Brian Lowry, “it’s precisely ‘the demo’ that this massive undertaking cries out to be watched by, beginning with the children and grandchildren — from baby boomers to Gen-X-Y-Whatever — who grew up blanketed in liberty and wanton consumerism thanks to the war generation’s collective sacrifice. Here, unfortunately, is where PBS’ pigheadedness enters the picture, sending this seven-night event into battle starting Sept. 23 — directly opposite the major networks’ new fall season. So the heroes of ‘The War’ will go up against ‘Heroes,’ its medics against ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ its men of the much-decorated 442nd regiment against ‘Two and a Half Men.'”

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