Citybeat pissed at KPBS

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A writer at San Diego’s alt-weekly CityBeat rails on KPBS for canceling two locally-produced programs–the public affairs television program Full Focus and the radio program A Way With Words. KPBS announced the cancellations August 1, citing budget concerns. Writes CityBeat‘s Kelly Davis, “While quite a few people were put off by the two shows’ cancellation, there apparently would be hell to pay should KPBS do something like replace two hours of nighttime classical music with something like Sounds Eclectic (the syndicated version of KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, widely regarded as one of the most innovative music shows in the country). For many younger listeners, the first notes of classical music are signals that KPBS’ broadcast day has come to an end. … KPBS is selling the community short if it thinks listeners must either grow into public radio or acquire a taste for it.”

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