WBEZ’s sister station, “:Vocalo”

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WBEZ/Chicago Public Radio’s hitherto Secret Radio Project, intended to attract a distinct new audience, has gone public with the name of its new radio-Web service, :Vocalo.org. (That colon is part of an emoticon. The name combines “vocal” with “zocalo, a Spanish word for public square.”) Sign in and read more. In May the licensee plans to launch a newly developed public-affairs/talk format to air on WBEW, its outlet in northwest Indiana that now barely reaches into the South Side of the city but will get a stronger signal, the Chicago Reader reports. The g.m. is Wendy Turner, former membership director at WBEZ. Station spokesman Daniel Ash tells the Reader the station won’t be “a junior 91.5” and it won’t be labeled “public radio.”

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