NPR’s social media summit

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NPR has convened a meeting of high-profile bloggers and Web 2.0 thinkers in Washington, D.C., this week to discuss the network’s future in social media. Not surprisingly, there’s plenty of online, on-the-scene coverage from this crowd. NPR’s Andy Carvin has notes and videos on his blog. Robert Paterson: “The theme is becoming the new reality of the shift from Consuming to Creating.” Doc Searls: “Seems to me that public broadcasting is way too long on policy and bureaucracy and way too short on engagement.” (Searls is taking pictures, too.) Jeff Jarvis: “NPR should be a network of networks.” Zadi Diaz: “The more I sat there and listened, the more I became convinced that NPR’s future seems to be in opening themselves up to their listeners … and in turn listening to them.”

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