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The Washington Post reviews the controversy over CPB’s push to balance public broadcasting in a profile of board chairman Kenneth Tomlinson. “I never started out to make a campaign of this,” he said, describing the resistance he’s encountered as “symbolic of the tone-deafness” and “intellectual dishonesty” of public broadcasting’s leadership. Tomlinson gives the Post a different account of his decision to address pubTV’s “liberal bias” than the one he offered last week in a Washington Times op-ed. Meanwhile, in a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed KQED President and PBS Board member Jeff Clarke offers his own take: “CPB officials have recently claimed that public broadcasting needs to improve its ability to reach more Americans. While we applaud such calls to improve our ability to reach more people with noncommercial public-interest programming, we do not accept assertions that public broadcasting lacks balance, or that Americans perceive public broadcasting to be biased.”

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