4 thoughts on “KQED made its mark by making programs

  1. I and a few other kids appeared on a KQED children’s educational show in the 50s. I only recall the topic of the day was the Roanoke colony and that we sang a theme song about a cowboy named Bob. Does anyone know more about that show?

  2. In 1969 KQED commissioned a quirky semi-documentary about controversial SF Public Health Director Joel Fort, entitled “Or: The Unreasonable Man.” The late Blair Stapp produced the film, which featured the SF improvisational group The Pitschel Players.
    Does this ring anybody’s bell?
    I was a member of the group, and would love to have a DVD copy of the film. Several of us have since died, and not all carried on to have careers in film and TV; so it would be wonderful to see my friendly ghosts, or ghostly friends, cavorting once more in the flesh.
    Any information at all would be welcome.
    Thanks so much.

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