Special Subscription Offer for NFCB Members

Community Radio is Public Radio.

Whether your station is CPB-qualified, staffed by volunteers, or low power FM…whether your format is music or talk or both… you need to stay in the know about developments in public media.

Current is here to keep you informed about programming, policy, new technologies, and fundraising initiatives at stations across the U.S.

Soon, Current will introduce a new digital subscription. That means that readers will no longer be able to access our content for free. This is an economic imperative for us to continue to provide a vital service to public media. We know that most NFCB stations aren’t rolling in the green, but we believe that Current is an essential source of ideas and stories about efforts to sustain public media in the digital era.

We want to make Current accessible to you. We are offering NFCB members an introductory subscription to Current in print and online for $52. Just one dollar per week will deliver unlimited access to our web content and a full year’s subscription to our print edition (16 issues in 2016). This is available to individuals and institutions, including former and lapsed subscribers. We’re extending this offer at this price through the end of 2016. 

But, we encourage you to act now. The paywall is coming…and you don’t want to miss our upcoming special editions of Current. In July, we’ll focus on the diversity challenges facing public media. In August, we’ll look at innovations in fundraising. You gotta have it!

Here’s how to subscribe today:

Questions? Contact Laura Rogers at (301) 270-7240, ext. 38.