Group subscriptions: a good deal from Current

Group subscriptions play an important role in giving the public media field a broad-based meeting place for radio and TV, big and small stations and independents, content curators and producers, broadcast or multiplatform or online-only, digital natives and veterans, development and content officers, policymakers, technologists and CFOs.

As a nonprofit (operated by American University School of Communication) we still need community support. Advertising alone is not adequate to sustain and improve our independent reporting, especially in a small professional community, and we have no guaranteed ongoing grant or university support.

How group subs benefit you and the field

You get a better Current than the for-profit publishing marketplace would provide, at the lowest possible cost per reader. For a relatively small, nonprofit field the size of public broadcasting, the economics of trade publishing ordinarily would dictate a less substantial periodical with a smaller reporting staff or a vastly higher price per copy.

Group subscriptions help change these economic facts of life. You get timely, comprehensive coverage at a lower per-copy price. Discounts start at $59.50 per subscription when you order two or more (15% less than our single copy price) and get larger depending on volume.

Your staff — from senior managers to entry level — gets direct access to a professional development resource that keeps them current with their field nationwide.

Subscribing stations look on Current as an employee benefit that pays dividends to the institution as well.

By supporting a broad circulation of Current — instead of single copies to a few top executives — you benefit the field in several ways. Mid-level and entry-level staffers become more deeply involved in the profession. They draw tips and inspiration from the successes and mistakes of their counterparts elsewhere. And the broader circulation enables Current to sell advertising — which covers most of the publishing costs. This has spared subscribers from increases in subscription prices for most of Current‘s history!

What is the price? How many do I need?

Keeping your organization Current is a C level business decision. Your decision to take part in the group subscription program at Current has an impact on everyone in the public media arena—so we ask that you give careful consideration to making an investment in a group subscription to Current for your organization and board.

We recommend that you purchase a group plan that will provide one copy of Current for every 3-4 employees and board members, but you are the best judge of how many your organization needs.

Please call to discuss starting or expanding your group subscription:

Laura Rogers
Business/Circulation Manager
6930 Carroll Ave., Suite 350
Takoma Park, MD 20812
301-270-7240, ext. 38
Fax: 301-270-7241
Email: [email protected]