Staff shortages? Breaking news chaos? PMJA Editor Corps is a lifesaver!

Get the on-demand editorial support your newsroom needs to thrive, not just survive.

The work of editors is often in the shadows or completely invisible, but when they aren’t there, it makes a big difference. Sometimes it can feel like things would come to a halt or go completely out of whack if they stepped away. And that’s if your newsroom even has one.

Perhaps it’s time for your newsroom to use PMJA’s Editor Corps! In just 10 minutes, you can make a request today and get matched with someone who can step in and provide support tomorrow.

Born from crisis, now a powerful ally: The Story of Editor Corps

Editor Corps emerged in response to the dual pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. A relentless stream of stories on deaths and vaccines strained newsrooms already weakened by unexpected staff shortages. Compounding this, the “Great Resignation” left news managers struggling to fill vacancies. Stations desperately needed editorial support – and fast – to simply meet day-to-day deadlines while ensuring preparedness for emergencies and breaking news. 

Public Media Journalists Association saw the opportunity to do what it does best – support and empower public media journalists.

I saw it first-hand when newsrooms in my region got help in those times when news directors took a much-needed break or when a major hurricane hit the coast. The Editor Corps editors were there to edit spots and features, but they also handled digital content.

COVID times revealed the need and thanks to ongoing support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, we’ve been able to continue the Editor Corps. PMJA members enjoy subsidized hourly rates based on your newsroom size without the hassles of hiring, contracting and administrative overhead.

“A Tremendous Gift”: How Editor Corps saved Aspen Public Radio

When Aspen Public Radio unexpectedly found itself without a news director, executive director Breeze Richardson called on PMJA.

“The daily support our reporters received from the PMJA Editor Corps was pivotal. As a small station, we have to try and cover a lot with limited resources and the ability to talk through story ideas, receive critical feedback on both broadcast and web content, and receive direction on format and voice was a tremendous gift.

It was important to us that we continue producing high-quality local news in service to our community, while we searched for a news director. Working with Johanna Zorn for this extended period of time provided the stability, editorial guidance, and story support our newsroom needed.”

More than 100 Aspen Public Radio stories received PMJA support! Wow!

Beyond vacations: Building capacity with Editor Corps

And if you’re not using it to cover a vacation or a vacancy, working with the Editor Corps is a great way to build capacity for special projects. You may have a series idea or podcast sitting on the shelf and there just hasn’t been time in the day or space in your brain. Editor Corps team members can help with story development, pitch feedback, fact-checking and even vocal coaching.

But their expertise extends well beyond planned content. The Editor Corps can also be a critical asset during breaking news emergencies and elections, allowing your team to surge staffing and focus on the most time-sensitive stories. Just imagine having an extra set of experienced ears on the job when you need them the most.

Ready to get started? Watch this video!

PMJA Editor Corps is here for you!


Priska Neely
Board President, PMJA
Regional Managing Editor, Gulf States Newsroom