RadioWest Book Club

The RadioWest Book Club brings listeners together to read and talk about books and has proven to be a great way to reach new audiences, engage with librarians, scholars and other community partners and create an enduring podcast of the monthly club discussions.


Part performance and part conversation, Songversations feature live music and interviews from the comfort of home. Each Tuesday and Thursday at noon (on Facebook Live and, Joni Deutsch (host of WFAE’s award-winning Amplifier podcast) sits down with some of Charlotte’s brightest music-makers for a transparent conversation about the impact of COVID-19 on the local music community, including the challenges and newfound perspective the pandemic has presented to creatives both personally and professionally.

Local Boost

The Voice of San Diego “Local Boost” initiative spurs the local economy and helps to ensure the sustainability of our nonprofit newsroom. The program leverages philanthropy to incentivize sponsorship and marketing packages for local small businesses and nonprofits, diversifying our revenue sources and demonstrating our values and commitment to our local community.

Get Lit with All Of It

“Get Lit with All Of It” is a virtual book club in partnership with the New York Public Library (NYPL) that has become a source of culture, connection and community for New Yorkers even as we remain apart. Participants access each month’s book for free using the NYPL app (with thousands of extra e-copies made available for a free 3-week download) and each month, Alison Stewart hosts a livestream book club event with the featured author, special musical guests and experts who put the themes of the books in a cultural context. “Get Lit” has helped “All of It” reach a larger audience than ever before, and of the top 10 checkouts from the NYPL from March-August 2020, three are are “Get Lit” books.

It’s Camp! Virtual Summer Camp

COVID-19 and the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s orders for social distancing put a damper on traditional kids’ summer camps. PBS39’s “It’s Camp!” brought the best parts of camp into kids’ homes every weekday during the summer of 2020. This 30-minute program for kids ages 9-14 taught science, art, fitness, survival skills, connecting with nature, and more.

How KPCC-LAist Embraced Its Role As L.A.’s Help Desk

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the KPCC-LAist newsroom has invited questions from its audience. Nearly 4,000 people have written in and in answering the questions, we have found new sources, new stories and new audiences, and more than half of the participants have opted into newsletters.

Learning Across Kansas

In March 2020, COVID-19 created a learning crisis across our entire country. The Kansas Department of Education recognized an opportunity to partner with PBS affiliates across Kansas to create shows to limit the “summer slide” for students at the elementary, middle and high school levels. This initiative became known as Learning Across Kansas.

New Orleans Public Radio Newsletter

The New Orleans Public Radio newsletter is a guide to being an informed, engaged and happy citizen of New Orleans. It speaks to the reader like a friend, offering the latest news, things to do, the weather report, chances to engage directly with reporters and a reminder that our work is made possible by their support.

Community Conversation Series

We gathered a diverse group of West Virginians to discuss their information needs, how the community can be involved in the growth of our startup newsroom and what gaps exist in the media ecosystem that Mountain State Spotlight can fill. We held two conversations through Zoom with 21 participants from all over the state with different political leanings and different life experiences so that we can build a newsroom to serve all West Virginians.

Palmetto Perspectives

This new, community-focused program is aimed at bringing together a diverse group of voices to discuss the important issues facing our state and communities. With a new episode expected to air each quarter, the series provides a unique opportunity for all to listen and learn. The SCETV team engaged with viewers and encouraged community discussion via Facebook Live, Zoom and other digital platforms.

Bloomfield Information Project’s news harvests

The news harvest is a technology-assisted workflow we’ve developed to produce a daily local newsletter in communities that are media deserts. It allows people to launch useful multi-lingual news products that uplift existing community production and begin the restoration of those ecosystems.

Speaking Grief

Speaking Grief is a multiplatform initiative aimed at creating a more grief-aware society. It validates grief as a normal, healthy part of the human experience, addresses the importance of support from friends and family and offers guidance on how to show up for people in their darkest moments.

WDET Book Club

WDET listeners read a book together and the station leads a community discussion about the challenging societal issues we all face. The selected book sets up these conversations and this year we are reading and discussing Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

Matter News

Matter is a local news nonprofit with a digital, community-informed model that inspires civic engagement by investigating the most pressing issues in central Ohio. Rather than scratching the surface of many issues, Matter contextualizes the news for its donors and audience by diving deep into specific topics of local importance for extended periods of time, filling gaps in coverage with explainers, animations, podcasts, mini documentaries and interactive maps.

Police Reimagined: The Future of Public Safety (A Community Conversation Series)

The Memorial Day death of George Floyd at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin set off protest around the globe. “Police Reimagined: The Future of Public Safety” is a four-part community conversation series that attempts the to answer the question: Can you reduce funding for police, and limit their role in communities, while ensuring public safety for all communities?

Digital Democracy on Tap

KMUW’s Digital Democracy on Tap shifts enlightening live conversations to an online format that allows for expanded reach, flexibility and greater opportunities for audience participation, while still hosting high quality discussions of issues facing our local and national community.

Board Explorer

The Pittsburgh region is run in large part by more than 500 unelected board members of authorities, commissions and other governmental agencies who often decide what does and doesn’t get built, who gets contracts and grants, what rates and fees we pay and more. This project sheds light on these panels and their roles, providing information about each member and inviting analysis of this important part of the region’s power structure.

WBGO Livestream and Education Hubs

In response to how the pandemic has changed our lives, WBGO created two new services, The WBGO Livestream Hub and the WBGO Education Hub, to connect our community to opportunities to experience live music safely, give local musicians a no-cost way to message out their online performances and connect area students and musicians for music education opportunities unavailable before the lockdown. We used social media and our community calendar, available to all NPR stations using Core Publisher, and other free tools to build this online resource.