WVIA’s PBS Kids in the Classroom



WVIA’s PBS Kids in the Classroom offers a 4-component session:

  • Students will view an episode of a PBS Kids program that highlights a specific classroom topic.
  • Students will actively engage in a hands-on activity with a WVIA licensed educator (i.e. practicing proper hand washing, recognizing shapes, sorting, distinguishing animal habitats, and identifying nutritional foods, etc). This activity is aligned to Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood.
  • Students will welcome an official PBS costumed character into their classrooms to build excitement and enthusiasm for this educational topic.
  • All students will receive a FREE “PBS Kids in the Classroom Tool Kit,” as well as a FREE book to take home, all compliments of WVIA and grantor.

Classrooms will focus on Health and Wellness, Literacy, and STEM related topics that correspond with the curriculum students are learning at the time.

This innovative and collaborative approach to family and classroom engagement takes health and wellness, literacy, and STEM related topics and enhances the curriculum students are learning in their classroom with hands on and creative activities, corresponding books for each student, storytelling, and home-school connections with specific and familiar PBS characters. By connecting what the students learn in their classroom to their favorite PBS programming, it is the goal of WVIA that this program will supplement and extend student learning and enthusiasm for the relevant topics and subject areas.

Description of Who or What Will Benefit from the Program or Project:
Children in educational programs from Pre-K through 2nd grade will benefit from WVIA’s PBS Kids in the Classroom. The number of schools, classrooms, and students that will receive this program is completely at the discretion of the grant funders and WVIA.

Other sources of Funding for The Program:
While PBS Kids in the Classroom was completed in 55 classrooms this past school year, each session was funded independently by foundations and organizations.