WHYY Media Labs


WHYY began its media instruction partnership with the Philadelphia School District in 2014 by bringing Media Labs into five Philadelphia middle and high schools. Over the next year, WHYY will bring the number of Media Labs in Philadelphia schools to 27. These labs and the WHYY staffers bring valuable resources and instruction directly to students and teacher and are designed to teach the fundamentals of media production as a tool for learning in all curricular areas. A WHYY media instructor runs an after-school documentary or news workshop at each school, teaching students to tell stories about topics that concern them. The instructor also brings WHYY’s tried-and-true teacher professional development to school, training educators to use media production as a tool in their classrooms. As part of this partnership, WHYY also curates student-produced content for the district television station PSTV and is leading a team of student reporters, producers, and editors to create a regular PSTV news magazine.  Student work is also featured on WHYY-TV’s Anthology which helps WHYY cultivate open conversations about challenging and thought provoking topics.