KUED Videographer Gary Turnier founded the concept of the Verve in his exploration of what drives people to create: “I want people to know what it is to live a life based on having these creative moments, where people turn for inspiration and creative fuel.”

He began cutting short pieces together to explore artistic expression and ignited the idea for a larger exploration about innovation and imagination.  VERVE was born out of the need to find out where artistic inspiration comes from. We all have a desire to create, and that drive isn’t limited to artists. The series starts with an exploration of the creative process for artists and expands into the exploration of innovation.

VERVE features six season of 3-5 minute documentaries exploring creativity and art. The series has featured a variety of creatives from the abstract painter Howard Clark to the dance choreographer Charotte Boye-Christensen to Nobel Prize-winning Professor of Human Genetics Mario Capecchi to Elephant Painters. All its featured creatives have a Utah connection.