The Slice


Episodes of The Slice are often captured while gathering b-roll for other programming, such as Almanac North or Native Report. The production staff has weekly meetings to discuss ideas gathered organically and through submissions on the WDSE website. An episode featuring a local non-profit, Lighthouse Center for Vision Loss, was captured in early July 2019 and released July 22nd, 2019 when gathering b-roll for Almanac North.

The Slice offers another way to reach potential audience and draw them into a news story. This particular episode showcased just one of the non-profit’s programs – a youth transition program to higher education. The larger news story touched on other opportunities through the Lighthouse Center for Vision Loss, like business education, home and workplace adaptations, and assistive technology. This snippet offered a peak into a service necessary for the greater Duluth community.

The Slice touches on topics in the viewing area’s interests, sometimes as part of a larger production. It allows for snippets to be shared at appropriate lengths for social media consumption. The most popular clips of the month are shared through the monthly e-newsletter to members and supporters.