The Nevada Independent Coronavirus Data Project


In March 2020, we decided to be Nevada’s best resource for comprehensive coronavirus data. By scraping and manually compiling data from the COVID Tracking Project for the state of Nevada and all 17 counties in real time using complex spreadsheets and a variety of infographics, we consistently reported and graphed confirmed COVID-19 cases,  number of people tested, positivity rates, lab testing stats, number and types of hospitalizations, number of deaths, the age and gender of those who have tested positive, what pre-existing conditions people hospitalized after contracting the novel coronavirus have and recovery rates, among others.

Knowing that numbers can be difficult to parse without context, we have also been reporting weekly (via our “Coronavirus Contextualized” series) in order to put it all into perspective, walking readers through what we do and don’t know and how Nevada stacks up against other states. We also have written a wide variety of enterprise pieces that endeavor to shine light on the experiences of individual Nevadans amid the pandemic, as well as producing a number of videos about small business owners around the state who are struggling to stay open.