Racism Unveiled


Minnesota often ranks among the best states for education, home ownership, outdoor accessibility, cost of living, and more. Herein lies the Minnesota Paradox, where these opportunities are largely accessible only to white residents by design through an enduring legacy of systemic racism. Addressing this paradox, and following the murder of George Floyd, TPT formally launched Racism Unveiled in July 2020, a multi-year, multi-platform initiative. Led by a team of BIPOC producers, writers, and contributors, the storytelling project puts our justice, public health, education, and housing systems under a microscope to unveil the ingrained racism within those institutions.

By amplifying the voices of individuals who are creating solutions to eliminate racial disparities in Minnesota, Racism Unveiled has attracted a racially diverse and intergenerational audience. Through collaboration with community-based partners such as Minnesota Freedom Fighters, Don’t Complain Activate, Ujamaa Place, and South High School, Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, among others, the curated project has featured:

• Dozens of articles, essays, videos, and events in direct response to community concerns, issues, and solutions.

• A monthly newsletter with 3,700+ subscribers to highlight recent and relevant content that centers BIPOC experiences and history.

• Trial & Tribulation, an original web series designed to address community concerns and questions in the weeks leading up to and following the Derek Chauvin trial with featured guests including renowned Racialized Trauma Therapist Resmaa Menakem, former State Senator Jeff Hayden, American Studies Professor Duchess Harris and more.

• Three virtual public events on topics including the roots of historical trauma; incarceration and criminal justice; and health, wellness, and healing amidst community crises.

A signature project within Racism Unveiled was One Year Later, exploring what has – and has not – changed since the murder of George Floyd. Throughout the anniversary week, TPT aired 31 documentaries and programs, 5 broadcast interstitials, shared 42 TPT Originals feature videos, and a collection of student-created videos, reaching over 2 million audience members. The programs explored the history and impact of systemic racism on BIPOC communities, reflected on what has and has not changed in the fight for equity and justice, and shared stories of strength and hope in our collective future.