Project Southwest


The Project Southwest YouTube streaming channel was launched in early 2020 to provide Blue Ridge PBS quality content to the residents of Southwest Virginia. The decision was made to create the online channel in order to serve the region which may not be able to receive Blue Ridge PBS produced content through traditional means. Each piece of content that is presented on Project Southwest is not only for Southwest Virginians, but about Southwest Virginians. The region, which is often overlooked or underrepresented, is ripe with economic opportunity. We hope to influence economic development in the region by sharing all the wonderful assets that Southwest Virginia has to offer. Outdoor adventures, rich American history, mountain music, handmade crafts and traditions only just scratch the surface of what can be discovered in Southwest Virginia and on Project Southwest. The online streaming platform was chosen, not only to reach the remote viewers in the region but, to reach viewers all around the world in hopes they might visit and become a part of the Southwest Virginia community.