Peachtree & Pine: Where is Home? The Atlanta Homeless Project


The team scheduled interviews with members of the city’s homeless communities in order to offer a humane capture of the unique dilemma that members of this vulnerable segment of society face as they move around in a city affected by a global pandemic. For Season One of the docuseries, the team decided to focus on using each episode(4-6 episodes per season) to introduce a new character and/or homeless who shared their unique story and narrative on their current circumstance and how they got there. The key was to leverage the power of each subject’s personal story to create the narrative that will provide the most personal entry point into their circumstance. We wanted this project to humanize this population. Because it was shot during the height of the pandemic, we needed to identify the needs and protocols for how to shoot this community with safety while maintaining ethical standards and using compassion for our subject matter. Homelessness is an issue that has gained traction with our digital audience- and we wanted to use this project to build on that success and attract a younger more socially conscious audience to our own social platforms. We also want to use this as an opportunity to produce longer-form, more elevated videos, that allow the audience to engage for longer. We discovered that this subject matter perfectly fits with our mission. of being a “voice for the voiceless”.