KVIE Art Auction


The KVIE Art Auction is an annual, live-televised fundraising event. Over 250 pieces of artwork are donated by artists throughout the greater Sacramento region, curated from hundreds of submissions. Local artists receive print, on-air and web recognition and several report gaining commissions as a result of the exposure.

We receive work from new and returning artists each year. Over 130 volunteers assist with the auction process, including phone banks, art movers, on-air art experts, art award jurors, art wrappers, accounting support and local framing businesses who donate resources to frame a portion of the artwork. One week prior to the live auction, we hold a Preview Gala where all the work is on display for our 600+ attendees. Jury awards are announced, as well as the winner of the framing competition. Artists receive complimentary tickets and other guests include art collectors, donors, sponsors and business professionals in the community.

The Art Auction has a long history, originally serving as a general on-air auction 37 years ago. As the event evolved, it shifted into an art auction held at different venues throughout the community. In the mid-1990’s, it returned as a televised auction and was facilitated by a mixture of KVIE staff members (supported by many departments) and a large, volunteer committee passionate about art.

Its purpose is to celebrate and showcase the wonderful artists in our region, while generating funds to sustain KVIE. The event continues the tradition as a station staff and volunteer engagement to pull-off KVIE’s most involved fundraising effort each year.

The auction process begins in the spring, where we hold a call for artists. Regional artists receive both physical mail and digital invitations to submit their work. KVIE receives between 400 and 500 submissions of work each year. Our part-time art curator begins a selection process to build the collection. We also hold an in-person day at the station for the artists that prefer to physically bring in their work for consideration, as opposed to digital submission. We have several participants who have been donating art for over 20 years and enjoy this alternative to digital submission. The process has several wonderful community touch points. Once the collection is curated and all work is received at the station, we invite esteemed art experts from the community (different ones each year) to serve as Art Award Jurors. These are comprised of professional local artists and art educators.