KQED Media Literacy Educator Academy


The KQED Media Literacy Educator Academy program is an adaptable program intended to meet school or school district media literacy goals. Much of KQED’s outreach is through county offices of education, who help KQED target specific groups that they have regular communication with. As part of the program, KQED hosts in person workshops, online facilitated experiences and offers self- paced courses for learning. This allows teachers multiple options for customizing their learning experience within the Academy context. We provide a year long professional learning experience for several dozens of educators with a focus on achieving PBS Media Literacy Certification. Participating educators area also supported in bringing their learning back to their schools and districts. They have opportunities to co- develop professional development cohort experience  in their schools or districts. KQED staff serves as thought partners and facilitators of school or district professional development. 

The program resources include the following: 

PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification- A PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator has demonstrated mastery with evaluating, creating and sharing media effectively to support their own learning where they  are designing and implementing instruction and assess student learning of these same skills.

Media Literacy Micro-credentials- A competency-based validation of media literacy skills for educators of all kinds. Educators who have earned eight KQED micro-credentials automatically become PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator.

KQED Learn- A platform that empowers students to make their voices heard, share their perspectives and learn from others’ points of view.

KQED Teach – A collection of free, hands-on professional learning opportunities focused on digital media. 

Program Timeline:

Outreach and Recruitment: April/ May 

Kick Off Workshop:  June 

Back to School Webinar: September

Fall Meet Up/ Progress Check In: October  

Mid Year Workshop: January

Teacher Led Workshops at School and District: To occur throughout the year with focused effort in November and March 

Certificate Celebration and Showcase: May

When selecting participants in the 2018-2019 school year and for the 2019-2020 school year, KQED first prioritized all teachers who applied with someone else from their school. Next, we select teachers who work in schools with a student population that is over 30% English Language Learners (which is the CA average, and a priority of KQED’s). Then we selected STEM teachers, and then teachers who are recommended by partners or who share specific media literacy goals. Many teachers fit into more than one of these categories.