Insider Louisville’s Top 100: Change-makers and groundbreakers


At Insider Louisville, we count as one of our goals to raise the level of civic engagement in our communities and to be an indispensable source of information about local business, government, education, health and culture.

We created our civic engagement database and the report to celebrate top leaders and inspire readers to be more engaged. Our approach is unique by using quantitative community data points and not relying on crowdsourcing applications or qualitative factors.

Over several months, we curated and certified the data from a number of sources and then complied the full report. Our marketing team initially shared the special report with sustaining members and gated the report for others to encourage sustaining membership.

The events team created a special event which was held on June 20. Forty-nine of the Top 100 honorees were in attendance. Total attendance was over 125. Mayor Fischer and the University of Louisville President Neeli Bendapudi gave brief speeches about the importance of community involvement. Our team invited President Neeli Bendapudi to welcome her to the city and help her get connected immediately to the “Change-makers and groundbreakers” of Louisville.