HomeWork Hotline


HomeWork Hotline is a live educational program produced by KEET for 16 years. What started as a simple math and science homework call-in show has expanded to showcase student projects and offer broadcast training to interested students.

In addition to teachers demonstrating math and science problems, we bring students on to tell us about the projects they are working on – whether it is environmental clean-up or robot building, or their work in 4-H. One little girl was so excited about our chicken episode (that’s right – we had a chicken episode) that she called the station and asked if she could come on and talk about her rabbit. So we had her on to talk to the teacher/hosts about caring for rabbits. 

The show also trains interested college and high school students in television production and exposes them to model workplace skills and behavior. Our paid interns (and a few volunteers) don’t get coffee or make copies. They run camera, floor direct, work the audio board and the graphics server. This direct experience has helped many with their resumes and boosts their confidence in future work situations.