Heart 2 Heart Breakfast Series


Beginning on September 15, 2017 and continuing through July 27, 2018, WNCU 90.7 hosted a series of breakfast meet ups for non- profits, NGOs and community service organizations operating in Durham and the surrounding area. Homelessness, food insecurity, injustice, disease, drug addiction, literacy, prison reform, unemployment in underserved communities – every other month, the station invited those on the frontline of solving the area’s most pressing social issues to convene, connect and collaborate over breakfast and coffee.  The Heart 2 Heart Breakfast series linked event participants who share a passion for service to the people of the community to each other, support, services, resources and the station. We are very proud of how these events have grown. The Heart 2 Heart Breakfast series is now a year-old initiative designed to promote, showcase, and connect non-profits and grassroots organizations doing good work in the Triangle.

The “Silo Effect” is real. It impacts large corporations and it is also one of a number of perils facing many smaller non-profits and grassroots organizations.  In addition to being under resourced, understaffed, underfunded and often misunderstood, staffers get keenly focused on “the mission and the work” and miss out on the benefits of regular interaction available when working with a supportive team. Enter WNCU’s Heart 2 Heart Breakfast series, a bi-monthly breakfast event where leaders of local not profits, NGOs and community organizations come together and share ideas, information and inspiration.  This event is not just about networking – it’s about bringing individuals together who want to connect on a deeper level for meaningful “heart work.”

Convene. Connect. Collaborate. Heart 2 Heart is a branding and community engagement tool that allows the station to explore partnerships that can lead to joint funding opportunities, while also building value for the participants. The Heart 2 Heart Breakfast series was born out of the station’s desire and need to expand its community service footprint and start moving beyond music, on air content and conversation.