Deep Dive


Maine Public has created a new space for in-depth, intentional coverage and launched a new brand to showcase this reporting called Deep Dive. For our first project, we created a weeklong content series to provide a closer look at childcare issues in the state of Maine. Before the reporting started, we created an informational session with stakeholders to provide a level set on the subject background for our news staff. We then used every one of our 18-member news team, including producers, reporters, hosts, and editors, to create unique web radio and TV stories. We made sure there was a communications plan to inform our audience about the upcoming series, various politicians, and other stakeholders. We also crafted an intentional social media plan and a unique digital web platform for the project. Two editions  of our local talkshow, Maine Calling, bookended the series. The capstone moment for Maine Public Deep Dive: Childcare was a public event at Portland Public Library with our reporters to highlight the issues we uncovered in our reporting and take questions from the public.