Common Ground — Women of the Woods


Common Ground is our local production that highlights people, places and activities unique to our area and celebrates all that makes northern Minnesota such a wonderful place to call home.

This particular episode highlighted a group of women who gather monthly to help one another in joyful celebration of living in rural, northern Minnesota.  They discuss issues and subjects that are important for them to consider, as they contemplate the life of being single in a very rural (and during winter months, remote) part of the state.

They celebrate the strength and knowledge they have when combining their talents and experiences and all share a common love for the lifestyle that is the hallmark of being “up north.”

This program aired in early spring, 2018, and in preparation of the television airing, we invited the group into our Bemidji, MN building for a sneak peak. It was a joyful, even tearful event – a real celebration of these women and the ‘sisterhood’ they have developed as a result of this group.