City Limits: Winds of Change


City Limits: Winds of Change examines the harmful impacts of structural racism on society and the social and cultural movements focused on economic, political, and social equity.

Following City Limits, a Poverty Project; Winds of Change explores systemic racism, unconscious bias, police reform, and anti-racism efforts in Syracuse.

City Limits features the voices of the people who are working to hold organizations accountable for change. Continuing in the City Limits tradition of intersecting storytelling and solutions-based journalism, City Limits: Winds of Change seeks to strengthen Syracuse through civic journalism that focuses on citizens’ concerns, encourages civic participation, improves public deliberation and connects us all to community life.

Taking a broader approach, City Limits strives to bring shared community issues, concerns and impacts into greater focus by taking the necessary time to fully explore topics for deeper understanding. Topics to explore:

1. Community commitments and initiatives

2. Accountability

3. Participation and representation

4. Look back, defining structural racism a. What has been done to combat systemic racism? b. Impacts

5. Police reform, what does that mean and look like?

6. Bail reform

7. Social/cultural movements effecting the 2020 election

8. Movement vs Moment

9. Economic Justice

10. Black excellence and equity

11. Education and black achievement

12. Unconscious bias – training and development

13. Building allies