Blue Ridge PBS, in YOUR Neighborhood!


Blue Ridge PBS is known for its award-winning local programs specifically designed to address the needs, issues and interests of viewers in western Virginia, portions of North Carolina and West Virginia. We realized that after years of decreased funding, we were nearly invisible in our community.

As a community owned station, we were absent in the exact places where we should be present. We recognized that we needed to take immediate action and we took it.

“Write Around the Corner” started as an idea to reach into the community and produce a local show that highlights writers with a connection to Virginia. As soon as we started, the positive response from authors in all genres was fantastic. Everyone said yes and we were off!

We found ourselves traveling around the region in a van and setting up the shoot in the author’s home or studio to talk about their life and their work. Our viewers and writers alike have embraced the casual, conversational format. Each 30-minute episode covers the writer’s personal life and stories from their childhood and the start of their career, the second part covers the process and research they use to create. Finally, we have each writer read a section from their latest book. This read gives everyone a peek inside the characters and voice that the author intended. Hearing the author read and hearing the intonation and inflection they give the story elements is a treat. The show is more about the writer, but, of course, we cover their latest book! Part of the show’s success and magic is doing your homework! We read every book, learn as much as we can about the writer and show up prepared. We’re committed to helping our local talent find an audience and grateful to our NY Times Bestsellers for helping us get the show off the ground.

Our interstitials profile the artistic and creative people of Central and Southwest Virginia. From unique pieces to quirky creations, we highlight imaginative folks and interesting stories. We went looking in our neighborhood and we found treasures!

In Creative Virginia segments we’ve highlighted canoe makers, folk artists, wood turner, non-profit tie-dye artists who create head covers for cancer patients and more!