Biz Here


Business in Amarillo and across the Texas Panhandle isn’t 8 to 5. It’s 24/7. Its ideas and vision, obstacle courses and open highway, and of course, the economy and the bottom line. So, with Biz Here, Senior Content Producer Karen Welch keeps an eye on local business trends through a multilayered approach. 

Karen’s Biz Here blog gives its audience the scoop on development, construction, businesses that are new, changing or closing, and commerce’s intersection with government. The blog is posted on the Panhandle PBS website and on the station’s social media.

Karen’s Biz Here podcast invites listeners to the conversations she has every day with community business leaders and innovators. Interviews run 10-20 minutes. The podcast is topped off by Welch giving a business newscast, using highlights from her blogs and other tidbits. The podcast posted on the Panhandle PBS website and social media and is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. Total runtime for an episode has been 20 to 30 minutes, making it easily digestible content.

Panhandle PBS is located on the Amarillo College main campus. And there are plans to air segments of the podcast as news breaks on the college’s 100,000-watt radio station, FM90.

Panhandle PBS initially launched Biz Here in 2016 then took a hiatus to reimagine it with the podcast, promotion and partnership to carry the coverage to wider audiences.