Another Round



In 2018, we had the idea that we wanted to do something where we could engage with our audience in person: irl. We also wanted it to include listeners all throughout our listening area. We came up with the concept of an event series that would be held quarterly, and because our coverage extends throughout southern and central Idaho and into eastern Oregon we decided that three out of every four events would be held in those locations outside of Boise. The idea is to get outside of our metro area and visit locations, in person, to demonstrate our commitment to our audience and get their feedback. Another Round is a stewardship event to provide an in- person forum for feedback and interaction.

We came up with a format that is followed each time. In a nutshell, we partner with a local venue such as a brewery/restaurant/coffee shop to host the event, and with a donation of $5 to us, they get our stainless steel NPR/BSPR logo’s tumbler with a ticket inside which they can redeem at the establishment for one free beer. (The $5 is simply to cover the cost of the cups). The venue donates the space and the first drink in exchange for free on-air and online promotion in the weeks leading up to the event. This is of significant value to the hosting venue as it amounts to what is the equivalent of free underwriting spots. It ends up being great a partnership with a local business in the community. Another Round is cost-free for our organization besides travel for staff. So far we have done six of these events in various locations and are about to have our seventh the 22nd of August!