90.5 WESA Celebrates …


Western PA has a strong tradition of neighborhood, personal and community commitment. 90.5 WESA Celebrates aims to honor individuals and organizations that are making a difference in people’s lives on the ground level and reminding us we are all truly connected to each other. We will compose sound-rich profiles of people committing the smallest acts of kindness as well as a town that comes together after a natural disaster to rebuild each other’s homes.

The team at WESA created the idea to celebrate our amazing city, to create local content, designed to help generate funding support from corporations, giving sponsors a unique branding opportunity that is tied to a content feature without crossing the firewall.  We produced 40 to 46 3:30-minute features within a mutually agreed upon topic each year of the project.

First year, WESA Celebrates People Making a Difference.  Second year, WESA Celebrates Inventing Pittsburgh. Years three and four, WESA Celebrate 90 Neighborhoods, 90 Great Stories.

Features air throughout the broadcast schedule and distribution platforms – on-air, online, social media and new this year, we created a podcast consisting of three neighbors within a podcast.