Links from the webinar ‘Innovate With Current: A Live Users’ Guide to Generative AI Tools’


Generative AI Overview & Applications: How Generative AI Works — Tim Olson, SVP Strategic Partnerships, KQED

2023-11 How Generative AI Works and Applications for Media Organizations — Tim Olson and Eric Dahn, PRX

NETA’s AI resources

Coverage in Current:


Public Media Innovators Weekly (Chad Davis, Chief Innovation Officer, Nebraska Public Media)

OIGO (Ernesto Aguilar, Executive Director of Radio Programming and Content Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives at KQED, on serving Latinx audiences)


One Useful Thing (Ethan Mollick)


Planet Money Bot

Voice & AI @ KQED: “A collection of A.I. driven prototypes to inform workflow, content development and user interactions in a digital first environment.”


Poe — allows you to use multiple AI platforms from one website

Policies and guidelines

PBS Memo: Applying Standards to Generative AI Tools. “PBS Editorial Standards include transparency as a core principle, requiring that producers ‘be open with the audience … about how the work was done … clearly identifying re-creations and simulations.’”