Grant Funded Opportunity: Strengthen your organization and increase your impact

Through Impact for All, a grant-funded initiative from Public Media Company, smaller stations can get the insight and guidance they need to increase their sustainability and local impact.

Do you know the key attributes that strengthen public media stations, enabling them to serve their communities in new and relevant ways. Is it size, money, luck? We don’t think so.

At Public Media Company, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to help strengthen public media and increase its impact in local communities across the country. Having worked with nearly 400 stations across all 50 states, we’ve learned there are some key attributes that distinguish pioneering and impactful organizations from others. We’ve found that the most successful stations have an understanding of themselves, knowledge of the dynamics of their community, and clarity about what they want and need to achieve in the future. They have also cultivated the support, trust, and buy-in of stakeholders, whether that’s a board, institutional license holder, or other influential groups or individuals within the community. 

Small stations can thrive: grant-funded insight & guidance

We believe that these attributes are achievable by all stations but also recognize that some organizations face greater challenges to get there than others. That’s why we started Impact for All, a grant-funded initiative that provides small and unique public media organizations with insights and actionable recommendations to increase sustainability and local impact. The initiative launched in late 2021 and we have so far worked with 10 organizations that collectively reach 9 million people across 11 states. As a result of the initiative’s success, we are continuing and expanding Impact for All in 2023, increasing its reach and impact and helping ensure that more small communities have a thriving local public media organization. 

How to apply (& get accepted)

Impact for All is open to all CPB-qualified local public media organizations that serve small and/or unique communities. Preference is given to the smallest third of public media organizations by revenue size (Non-Federal Financial Support (NFFS) up to approximately $1 million for public radio stations and NFFS up to approximately $3 million for public television stations). We are accepting applications throughout 2023 but space is limited and demand is high.

What you can expect

Impact for All is a data-driven, organization-wide assessment of your station’s current strengths and weaknesses, insights into the local and overall media environment, and personalized recommendations focused on relevant opportunities to strengthen and grow your impact. Specific deliverables include: 

  • Analysis of your organization’s data and trends and how they compare with peers: revenue, expenses, audience across platforms, and demographics/attributes of local community 
  • Survey to capture strategic, operational, community, and engagement insights
  • Report summarizing all results, identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses, and detailing specific recommendations to increase sustainability and local impact
  • Interviews with Public Media Company consultants and, where appropriate, other professionals with a particular area of expertise critical to the organization’s future success
  • 6-month check-in to monitor progress, obtain feedback, and make adjustments as needed

We recognize the time constraints that small station leaders are under and so we have designed the Impact for All process to limit your time commitment to just a handful of hours over approximately 3 months. You don’t have to worry about finding more space on your calendar to get the insight and guidance you need to move your organization forward.  

How it helps: Testimonials from Impact for All alumni

Still not sure if Impact for All is right for you? Our Impact for All alumni have a few thoughts to share:

The findings and recommendations helped me and my board understand how we’re doing and where we need to focus to grow. As a small community radio station, it’s difficult to get information about how we’re performing and how that compares with peers – and Impact for All gave us that for the first time. I’ve been lobbying for more of my community radio peers to follow our lead and be part of the initiative!

–  Ashley Krest, General Manager, KVNF Community Radio 

We got great insight from the reports and discussions but PMC’s industry knowledge and connections were also invaluable. We now have new relationships to help us strengthen as a community resource for Southern Ute and Ute Mountain Ute tribal members and everyone in the Four Corners.  

–  Tami Graham, Executive Director, KSUT & Tribal Radio

Impact for all enabled me to clearly communicate with my university leadership that we’re value for money, very effectively serve the community, and are not exceptional in the level of institutional support that we receive. Our station licenses are held by two different universities and it helps to know where we stand in comparison to our peers. Institutional support will be critical to our growth and ability to serve the community as we continue to try to seek additional revenue, and Impact for All enables me to clearly communicate to both universities the importance of their investment now and for the future. 

–  R.C. McBride, General Manager, WCBU & WGLT 

We’re a small university station in a rural and low-income part of Missouri. We serve a very large geographic area and only have a small staff and so making good decisions with our limited resources is critical. The insight that PMC provided really helped us understand where we need to focus and also gave us clear evidence of our value to the university and community – something that is critical for helping the university understand the impact and importance of their investment in us.  

–  Dan Woods, General Manager, KRCU Public Radio

How much does it cost

Costs are very low thanks to contributions from foundation and individual donors as well in-kind support from Public Media Company. Stations pay $2,500 and the remaining costs of the $10,000 engagement are offset through the in-kind and grant contributions.

Additionally, costs for some participants have been paid by board members and/or local foundation partners, resulting in no costs for the station. Grant and in-kind contributions also qualify as Non-Federal Financial Support, helping boost your NFFS by $7,500.

Additional information

You can learn more about Impact for All on Public Media Company’s website, which includes sample reports, a review of the initiative so far, and contact details for more information.

To apply to be part of Impact for All, complete a short application form with your contact information and high-level insight into your organization and community. We will accept applications throughout 2023 but, as demand has been high and space is limited, please complete your application as soon as possible to secure a spot.

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