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Broadcast your message in public media’s meeting place. Current has a paid circulation of nearly 4,000 copies and a readership estimated at more than twice that number.

We’re public media’s go-to news source, read widely by general managers, program directors, development managers, producers, educational specialists, fundraisers and other professionals in public TV and radio around the country.

The 411 for print ads:

  • Current is published 23 times per year and has bonus distribution at all major industry conferences.
  • The deadline to reserve space is usually on a Monday, one week before the publication date. (Some exceptions apply due to holidays — see our 2014 Media Kit or publication schedule for details.)
  • We offer frequency packages and discounted rates for print and online combos. See the Media Kit for details.
  • We occasionally have additional special promotions not listed in the Media Kit. Be sure to inquire or ask to be added to our email list for updates.

Contact our advertising director at (301) 270-7240, [email protected].