CentralCast Alliance: Reflecting on the past, present — and what’s NEW for the year ahead!

CentralCast stands as the paragon of innovation in broadcast technology for public media. Our record for reliability leads the industry, but like every master control provider there have been times when we have experienced discrepancies—often because of a third-party provider—but in each case we have learned and improved. And this year, we are announcing a new feedback loop, new customer experience and project management team, and resources to increase customer service. Our goal has always been to protect the stations’ on-air product, which is why we are investing and rolling out new technologies to protect our system from third-party providers.

Over the years, our solutions have consistently delivered tangible, measurable cost savings for our partners. Amidst the financial tumult facing broadcasters, CentralCast remains a beacon of hope, empowering stations to invest more deeply in their communities and hyper-local content. Our track record speaks volumes, illustrating how our solutions not only save money but also invigorate the very essence of public broadcasting.

Over the past two years, our substantial investment in tech­nology translated into a new platform of automation and playout. These improvements, coupled with the introduction of monitoring by exception and advanced disaster recovery systems, underscore our con­tinued dedication to ensuring uninterrupted services for our valued partners and viewers.

Our partnership with stations and PBS has ensured a seamless transition for all participating stations with the sIX-intercon­nectivity system. This collabora­tion reaffirms our commitment to delivering solutions that are designed and tailored for public broadcasters.

Drawing from our extensive journey of growth, we’ve gained invaluable insights into the significance of refining service excellence and fortifying our operational backbone. As we stride confidently into the future, CentralCast stands as a beacon of strength and resilience, poised to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Co-creating the future of Public Broadcasting: Project Core

Looking forward, our sights are set on Project Core, an ambitious endeavor poised to revolutionize broadcast automation and redefine the industry’s technological landscape. At its center, Project Core aims to position CentralCast as the definitive cloud solution for broadcasters, seamlessly integrated with industry giants like AWS. This visionary initiative marks a pivotal shift from the conventional Hub-Spoke model to a dynamic, resilient ecosystem designed to elevate broadcasting to unprecedented heights. By embracing a 3:N framework, we aim to transcend traditional boundaries, ensuring unparalleled redundancy, scalability, and agility. Project Core is not merely an upgrade; it’s a paradigm shift that will empower broadcasters to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape with unparalleled confidence and efficiency. The new Core creating an N:N connection and backbone will replicate the cohesiveness and bond of atoms that formulate one synchronized & strong molecule.

Our vision extends beyond technological advancements; it encompasses a deep-seated belief in the power of partnership and community. By engaging stakeholders in co-creating tailored solutions leveraging AI, cloud computing, and automation, we aim to address industry challenges head-on while driving substantial cost savings. Our goal is clear: to empower broadcasters to thrive in an era of unprecedented change and complexity. Together, we can redefine the boundaries of broadcasting, ushering in a new era of creativity, accessibility, and impact. With CentralCast as their steadfast partner, broadcasters can embark on this journey with unwavering confidence, knowing that the future of broadcasting is in capable hands.

Since day one, CentralCast’s mission and goal remains to continuously innovate and reinvest in technology. Over the past 10 years, CentralCast’s single-minded belief in technology allowed us to invest millions of dollars into infrastructure and nurturing groundbreaking ideas. Today, as we stand on the precipice of the NextGen TV era and the dawn of artificial intelligence integration, we are not merely preparing for the future—we are shaping it.

“As we enter a new era of broadcast automation, we’re committed to being more robust and resilient than ever for the public broadcasting ecosystem. We’re focused on the implementation of cloud-based technology and NextGen TV that will ensure agility and delivery of the highest-quality service. CentralCast Alliance was formed by public media to serve public media, and we will remain dedicated to that mission for years to come. The future is bright. Let’s see what more we can do, together.” — Neal Shapiro, Chairman, CentralCast Alliance and President & CEO of The WNET Group

“Together, with our partner stations, and all public broadcasters, we have the opportu­nity to shape the future and make a lasting impact in our industry. We are at a time were technology needs to evolve and adapt. We are excited about the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to our continued partnerships and success.” — Shadi Sabra, CEO, CentralCast Alliance