Eaton enjoys choosing shows, and shoes

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Rebecca Eaton, e.p. of Masterpiece and the woman who brought the hit Downton Abbey to America, admits she’s “pretty addicted” to her job, in a Q&A with (which describes itself as “the homepage for young men the world over obsessed with staying ahead of the curve in the marketplace’s most lucrative leisure pursuits”).

In her role, Eaton says, “There’s always a crisis somewhere, and you get the satisfaction of solving the problem. And then, there’s always the mystery of whether a program will work or not, and waiting for the reviews or seeing what the audience figures are.”

Eaton also reveals a fairly hands-off approach: Once shows are in production, “my motto is to leave them alone. Once they’re shooting, sometimes I go to the set to visit. When they’re shot, I look at various early cuts and give notes, as I give notes on scripts. … Hopefully, we broadcast them to great acclaim. And then, I get to buy a new pair of shoes and go to the Emmys. That’s my job.”

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