News of NPR’s Infinite Player, dripping with sarcasm

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On the Nov. 20 edition of his KCRW broadcast le Show, host Harry Shearer delivers a sardonic reading of a Nov. 17 blog post, “NPR test-drives personalized Infinite Player.” Shearer, who has many notable film and TV credits but is perhaps most famous for his voice work on The Simpsons, has been a frequent critic of NPR since 2010. That’s when the network declined to give airtime — even as paid underwriting spots — to his documentary about the failures of the federal levee system surrounding New Orleans, The Big Uneasy. Readings from trade periodicals are a regular feature of le Show.

One thought on “News of NPR’s Infinite Player, dripping with sarcasm

  1. Correction: I’ve been a frequent critic of NPR since it failed, during the runup to the Iraq War, to share with American listeners the names of the three high-ranking intel officers in the US (Greg Thielmann), the UK (Dr. Brian Jones), and Australia (Andrew Willkie) who, at some risk to their careers, went public with the news that the intelligence did not show that Iraq had WMD. Quite an omission from an important news source. At least the NY Times and the Washington Post later apologized for their war-runup credulity.

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