New “Vine Talk” show makes conservative point that PBS is elitist, Slate review says

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“Any budget-cutter or culture warrior hoping to rig an argument that federally funded television exists to serve the coastal elite need only have told her audience get a load of Vine Talk, debuting this month on PBS,” writes Troy Patterson in Slate today (April 6). On the show, host Stanley Tucci and other celebs (such as writer Nora Ephron and actors John Lithgow and Julianne Moore) sample various wines, as a sommelier answers their questions and provides advice to them and the studio audience.

Don’t miss the comments below the review, such as: “I think this article makes a great point — PBS’s programming is generally geared towards the intellectual, more refined, probably wealthier crowd. Most conservative Republicans don’t fall into that crowd, which is why there is the Hunting Channel.”

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