Pubmedia “not capitalized nor organized” to fully benefit from digital media, Bole says

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Rob Bole, CPB’s veep of digital media strategy, says on the Media Future Now website that public broadcasting isn’t yet making sufficient use of digital media.

“To be frank, public media is not capitalized nor organized to take full advantage of emerging connective technologies,” he says. “We have a reliable, strong broadcast infrastructure that provides free, universal service to every American. However, we are not funded to the appropriate level to build the same strength in the digital media space.” He did praise last month’s unique coverage of Mideast revolution news by Andy Carvin, NPR’s senior social media strategist, across multiple platforms. “Andy is a rock star and a visionary of what digital media means in the news space,” he said.

Bole will be speaking at the D.C.-based group’s monthly meeting, on March 22.

One thought on “Pubmedia “not capitalized nor organized” to fully benefit from digital media, Bole says

  1. Andy Carvin is indeed a rock star of new media news and he deserves all the kudos we can give him.

    And Bole is 100% right about capitalization and orientation within public media — it’s broadcast, not broadband.

    And until a massive crisis hits, this will not change. The powerful never vote themselves out of power, whether it is the NPR Board or the corner offices of public media companies around the country.

    All the digital media work to date, while good, is a teeny fraction of the system’s efforts.

    Only a crisis will kick out the corner office folks and allow a new public media to arise.

    Perhaps the time for that crisis has arrived.

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