This American Life cracks century-old secret of Coca-Cola’s formula

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Public radio’s This American Life is having website server problems today (try here, it may be up again when you read this). Why? Most probably because it has posted the secret formula for Coca-Cola, which supposedly had not been made public since its first bottling in 1886. Leave it to TAL to unearth a 1979 story on page 28 of the Atlanta Journal Constitution showing a photo of the formula, handwritten by its creator John Pemberton. TAL consulted historian Mark Pendergrast, author of a history of the drink, who (somewhat noncommittally) said: “I think that it certainly is a version of the formula.” Care to whip up a batch? London’s Daily Mail provides the recipe, along with coverage of TAL’s jackpot find. Coriander – who knew?

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