Sweet home Chicago: WTTW “Grannies” finally return from Egypt

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Enough of the adventure, suspense and danger. “I’m glad to be home,” Pat Johnson tells the Chicago NBC affiliate in an interview as the Grannies on Safari travelers finally arrived in Chicago on Friday (Feb. 4). The two hosts of the WTTW nationally syndicated show, Johnson and Regina Fraser, were leading a tour group of 14 in Cairo when anti-government protests erupted into violence. A vacationing photojournalist traveling with the group to shoot video for an upcoming webisode ended up capturing dramatic shots of the crowds.

In an interview with the local ABC affiliate the next day, Fraser recalled seeing “row upon row, upon row, upon row, upon row, for blocks and blocks, of tanks.”

Look for an interview with the Grannies in the Feb. 6 issue of Current.

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