Hiring spree at Fox News is “a way to play the culture wars”

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Former NPR reporter and analyst Juan Williams is neither the first nor last news personality to land a lucrative gig at Fox News after being dismissed for politically incorrect remarks that offended liberals, reports Paul Farhi of the Washington Post. Andrew Tyndall of the Tyndall Report covering TV news, tells Farhi that Fox News chief Roger Ailes is being “opportunistic” with a string of recent hires, including Williams, former CNN host Lou Dobbs and local TV news veteran Doug McKelway, who was fired this summer by Washington’s WJLA for “gross insubordination and misconduct.”

“It’s a way to play the culture wars,” Tyndall says of Ailes’s hiring spree, and jokes that Fox may be turning into “the safety-net network. If you say something outrageous, there’s still a paycheck waiting for you.”

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