CPB’s 2011 business plan continues to back mergers and consolidations

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The CPB  Board’s 2011 business plan, now online (PDF), was approved during its meeting Nov. 15 and 16  in New Orleans. CPB’s six priorities for 2011: digital and innovation; diversity; dialogue, engagement and awareness; education; journalism; and core system support.

That plan promotes station mergers and consolidations of functions such as joint master control operations — concepts the corporation has long encouraged (Current, March 1). CPB also will continue working to promote stations’ financial stability. “If that proves to be unfeasible” with a particular station, the document notes, “CPB will explore alternatives to maintain public broadcasting service to the affected community.”

The plan reports that CPB is assisting the three Los Angeles PBS affiliates “in their efforts to develop a new operating model that will reduce competition, increase content differentiation and improve fundraising capacity” (Current, Aug. 9).

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