Four major pubmedia intiatives “suffer from similar limitations,” blogger writes

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PBCore, Public Media Platform, Argo and American Archive: “One or more may rock our world,” writes Barrett Golding on Hacks/Hackers of the four ambitious pubmedia initiatives. However, “All four of the above projects are well-conceived, led and executed by consummate pros. . . . But all suffer from similar limitations: they’re top-down, closed, exclusive (some proprietary), and expensive.” Golding, keeper of the PubMedia Commons blog, suggests another approach: “The bottom-up, grassroots, social inclusiveness of open-source projects — what in tech parlance is more bazaar than cathedral. Imagine some small-scale journocoder community solutions that deliver immediately useful results, cheaply and quickly.” Golding will flesh out those ideas in part two of his essay.

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