Car hits NPR host Peter Sagal

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Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me host Peter Sagal is recovering from injuries he received when a car struck him Wednesday (Aug. 11) on his bicycle at an intersection in suburban Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reports. Sagal was hospitalized with minor injuries. He described the aftermath of the accident in a blog post: “I tried to sit up and an invisible angry dwarf with a knife stabbed me in the back. So I enjoyed a relaxing scream and lay back down, carefully, and they put me on the backboard with the neck brace and put me in the ambulance and I stared at a series of changing ceilings until I got the emergency room at a nearby hospital.” He added, “At any rate, the news is that I’ll be fine, but in pain for a while, and that I am indeed very lucky.” Program production won’t be affected as Sagal is on vacation.

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