Mobile DTV is DOA, pubcasting blogger opines

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“I have nothing technically against mobile DTV,” writes pubcaster John Proffitt on his Gravity Medium blog. “It’s a significant achievement in that sense. But I can’t see how it makes it big in this mediasphere. The stars are aligned against it. It’s Dead On Arrival.” People out-and-about use video in limited ways, he says. Spectrum savings are meaningless. Technology is changing to quickly for mobile DTV to keep up. After making his argument he adds: “Given this analysis, all I can do is hope public TV people out there avoid spending too much time or money on this distraction.” Meanwhile, the Open Mobile Video Coalition, which includes public broadcasters, launched its consumer trial earlier this month in Washington, D.C. WHUT at Howard University is one of nine area stations offering viewers a chance to get a look at broadcasts on a variety of mobile devices. Meanwhile, WGBH’s mobile DTV is now up and running (Current, March 26); it’s the first pubcasting station to offer the service.

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