“Surround Vision” from MIT may have pubcasting participation

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WGBH isn’t publicly confirming anything, but the TG Daily news site is hinting the station may be a part of the MIT Media Lab’s latest project. Surround Vision allows hand-held device users to actually see the action happening off the edge of the screen — say, point the cellphone to the left and see what’s happening over there, beyond the original frame of view. WGBH has “a long history” with the Media Lab in the past, the site points out, and could be assisting with user studies on this project. “We always learn from working with [research scientist Michael Bove] and his group,” Annie Valva, WGBH’s director of technology and interactive multimedia, told the site. She elaborated on the MIT news site that such a technology “helps us leverage more value over things that we shoot and create but don’t happen to get to air.” Here’s a video of Surround Vision from the Electronista blog.

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