Roadshow’s “million-dollar” jade collection sells for much less

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Remember Antiques Roadshow’s first million-dollar appraisal, filmed last June? You may have seen it in the season premiere last night. Owner Jinx Taylor was stunned when appraiser James Callahan said her Chinese jade collection from the Qianlong era could bring up to $1 million at auction. But Taylor sold the pieces in October and they didn’t bring nearly that much, according to the Maine Antique Digest. Instead, Taylor got $494,615 for the collection. She also consigned to the same sale about 30 other items she had not brought to the Roadshow; seven of those brought in another $350,523.

5 thoughts on “Roadshow’s “million-dollar” jade collection sells for much less

    • You are right to be skeptical. The commercial has largely distorted the actual appraisal. The 1 million + appraisal covered 4 items, and the one actually carved for the emperor was the large green bowl carved with clouds and dragons, closest to the appraiser. Watch the actual appraisal and see it there. The smaller bowl featured was never given as a wedding gift “bought for $100.” It was always in possession of the Taylor family until sold in October 2010.

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