Nicole Childers heads content development for L.A. Public Media

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Nicole Childers, former executive producer of NPR’s News and Notes, will lead content development for the L.A. Public Media Service, a CPB-backed multimedia outlet targeting young, ethnically diverse listeners in Los Angeles. “We are in the midst of a cultural and media paradigm shift in this country and Nicole is one of those writing the story,” said Hugo Morales, executive director of Radio Bilingue, the California-based Latino radio network that is spearheading development of L.A. Public Media. “She is a world-class journalist, an African American who counts Latinos and Anglos in her family journey, and a leader with deep sensitivity and drive to serve diverse audiences.” With Childers on board, L.A. Public Media is preparing to hire a national media research firm to help design, test and develop content for the new service, which is slated to launch next year.

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