CPB invests $505k in Michael Eric Dyson Show

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CPB announced major funding to producers of the Michael Eric Dyson Show, a midday talk show for African-American audiences that launched in April on public radio stations in 18 markets. The $505,000 grant to producing station WEAA in Baltimore covers one year, but CPB anticipates multi-year support, according to a spokeswoman. In a news release, CPB President Pat Harrison described CPB’s commitment to ensuring a “diversity of voices in public radio.” “[T]his grant . . . is an investment in that commitment and an expansion of the relationship between public media and diverse audiences,” she said. “We’re very pleased that CPB is investing in WEAA’s national production capacity,” said LaFontaine Oliver, g.m., who launched the show in collaboration with Loretta Rucker of the African American Programming Consortium. “And we’re excited about bringing Michael Eric Dyson’s exploration of important issues to a national audience through Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and other public radio stations.” Morgan State University, WEAA’s licensee, is one of 105 HBCU institutions nationally.

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